Level 2 Survey (Homebuyer Report)

The Level 2 Survey, which was formerly known as the Homebuyer Report covers the essential elements of the property and will assess issues that can be detrimental to the fabric of the building, the grounds and/or to people residing in the property.

Typically, a Homebuyer Survey is required when:

  • The property is under 120 years old
  • In a reasonable condition
  • Not a Listed Building

Additional information in regards to the Level 2 Survey can be found here

Level 3 Survey (Building Survey)

The flagship survey and ideal if you are purchasing a larger, older or more unusual property, including one that has been significantly altered or extended. It’s also suitable for properties in obviously poor condition. It will provide you with the following:

  • A more thorough and extensive inspection and a detailed report covering a wider range of issues.
  • Detailed description of the construction of the property.
  • Description and advice on the visible defects and potential problem areas.
  • An outline of repair options and indication of the consequences if matters are not dealt with.
  • Additional advice on energy efficiency.
  • Identification of legal issues that need to be investigated before completing a purchase.

Additional information in regards to the Level 3 Survey can be found here


RICS ‘Red Book’ valuations are formal valuation reports, carried out by RICS Registered Valuers, they can be utilised for a variety of purposes and should not be confused with an informal marketing appraisal.

Arque Surveying Services are able to provide valuations for a variety of situations including the following;

  • Help To Buy
  • Staircasing Valuations
  • Homebuyer
  • Reinstatement Valuations
  • Private Purchase
  • Shared ownership

The ‘on site’ process of a valuation can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size, type and layout of the property.

All of our valuations will be carried out by RICS registered and accredited Valuers with over 10 year’s experience of valuing residential property.

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